Bridge Note Features

You can freely use a combination of the following features in our cloud-based accounting software. Mix and match them as you see fit.

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AccountingEntry- Cash Book
- Bank Deposit
- Journal Entry
- Fund Transfer
- Foreign Exchange Gains/Losses
- Foreign Exchange Adjustment
- Batch Journal Entry
Reports- Balance Sheet
- Profit & Loss Statement
- Cost Report
- Monthly Trend of Balance Sheet
- Monthly Trend of Profit & Loss Statement
- Monthly Trend of Cost Report
- General Journal
- Voucher Reports
Others- Mangement of Foreign Exchange Rates
- Opening Balance Setting
- Montly / Annual Closing
- Download Excel Report
- Download PDF of Journal Voucher
Connections of Other Services- Reconciliation of AR
- Reconciliation of AP
- Record a Fixed Asset
AREntry* The Accounting or Sales has that function
Reports- Accounts Receivable Report(Uncollected)
- Accounts Receivable Report(Collected)
- Monitoring Receivable
APEntry* The Accounting or Purchase has that function
Reports- Accounts Payable Report(Unpaid)
- Accounts Payable Report(Paid)
- Monitoring Payable
SalesSales- Quatations (List / Documents)
- Received Order (List / Documents)
- Delivery Note (List / Documents)
- Invoice (List / Documents)
- Debit Note (List / Documents)
Others- Item-less Invoice
- Batch Item-less Invoice
- Document Linkage, such as creating invoices from quotes
- Download Excel Report
- Download PDF of Each Document
- Journal Voucher Linkage
- The approval authority can control each process
PurchasePurchase- Purchase Order (List / Documents)
- Receiving Report (List / Documents)
- Recieved Invoices (List / Documents)
Others- Project Expense Payment
- Batch Project Expense Payment
- Employee Expense Payment
- Download Excel Report
- Download PDF of Each Document
- Journal Voucher Linkage
- The approval authority can control each process
Fixed AssetEntry- Entry Fixed Asset
Reports- Fixed Asset List
- Tax Return List (Indonesia Only)
Processing- Depreciating Assets Monthly
- Selling Assets
- Transferring Assets
- Impairing Assets
- Disposing of Assets
* All Processes Include Journal Voucher Linkage
Others- Batch Fixed Asset
- Download Excel Report
- Download PDF of Each Document
Master Setting* Various services come with master settings
OthersFeatures- Multiple companies can be managed under one account
- Permissions can be granted to each user on a per-screen basis
- Read-only users can be created
- Audit Logs allow you to trace the operation (Contact us)
RequirementsWe recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome for optimal performance. While our product will run on any machine equipped with Google Chrome, given the intricate numerical details involved in accounting information, we suggest using a desktop or a laptop with a large monitor for a better viewing experience.
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